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A Banking Blog with Information Centered Around You

The Central Bank banking blog is your go-to source for insight aimed at helping you better manage your finances -- and continue working toward your personal and business banking goals. Read on, soak up useful information and stay in the know. Our banking blog is here to help



Types of Mortgage Loans: Insight from Your Community Bank

Posted on 8/12/2021 by Kelcey Hesse in mortgage mortgages

From understanding the types of mortgage loans available, to the prospect of finding that perfect abode, purchasing a home can feel overwhelming. Having a general understanding of key elements of the process (not to mention support from your community bank) can make a world of difference. Central Bank has pulled together a high-level overview of the types of mortgage loans most commonly available to today’s homebuyers. Read on to become familiar with your options!

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An In-Depth Look at a New Option: The SBA Loan

Posted on 4/27/2021 by Kelcey Hesse

In our ongoing effort to provide the best possible service to our customers, Central Bank is proud to announce new SBA 7(a) loan options are now available. But what is exactly is SBA lending — and what are its advantages? We’re glad you asked. Read on for a rundown from your community bank.

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A Look Back: The History of Central Bank

Posted on 4/27/2021 by Kelcey Hesse

The history of Central Bank goes back all the way to 1955, and its roots sit firmly here in Houston. (In fact, we are proud to maintain the role as Houston’s longest-serving community bank!) Of course, a lot has changed through the years — for both our company and the great city of Houston.

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Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Purchasing Cards

Posted on 3/12/2021 by Kimberly Winningham in #purchasingcard #commercialbank #communitybank

Did you know there’s a way to let employees pay for business-related goods and services, all while saving your company money and lowering the number of purchase orders, invoices, petty-cash transactions, and checks your accounting team has to deal with?

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Is There a Coin Shortage in Houston?

Posted on 1/8/2021 by in Coin Shortage

Like many places in America, Houston’s businesses and their customers have been living with the hassle of the pandemic-caused coin shortage. Like many places in America, Houston’s businesses and their customers have been living with the hassle of the pandemic-caused coin shortage. While the Federal Reserve Bank says there are enough coins in the economy overall, circulation has slowed since the beginning of the pandemic. That reduced circulation has led to reduced inventories in many local economies, including here in Houston.

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How to Manage Your Money During a Crisis

Posted on 1/8/2021 by in How to Manage Your Money

Has your financial situation changed since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic? Let us help you manage your money and get back on track to reach your financial goals. This current moment is challenging for everyone, but Central Bank has more than 60 years’ experience helping our customers through economic ups and downs and other crises. Check out our money management tips below and reach out if you need more personalized advice!

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Is Home Refinancing Right for You?

Posted on 1/8/2021 by in Home Refinancing

Since the Federal Reserve’s emergency rate cut in March 2020, Since the Federal Reserve’s emergency rate cut in March 2020, homeowners everywhere have been wondering if now is the time to refinance. Of course, each person’s needs and goals are different. At Central Bank, we strive to offer personalized financial solutions to each of our customers. In this article, we’ll share general tips for making a refinancing decision. We also encourage you to contact our Houston-based lenders to discuss your own situation in more detail.

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Commercial Customers Give Central Bank a Net Promoter Score® Score of 77.42, More than Double the Industry Average

Posted on 1/8/2021 by in Net Promoter Score

Joined by big names like USAA and American Express, Central Bank of Houston has one of the highest NPS scores in the industry. We are proud to be recognized for our personalized service and devotion to our customers. We will use customer feedback to continue to exceed your expectations and provide the features you’re looking for in a bank.

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Benefits of a Swimming Pool Loan in Texas

Posted on 1/8/2021 by in Swimming Pool Loan in Texas

How popular are private swimming pools in Texas? Just searching for “Homes for Sale with Swimming Pool in Houston” generates more than 1,000 listings. It’s clear that a backyard pool is a desirable feature in a state with hot and dry summers.

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How Much Savings Do You Need in Your 30s, 40s, 50s and Beyond?

Posted on 1/8/2021 by in How Much Savings Do You Need

Our previous article, Building Your Emergency Fund While Saving for Retirement, covered the basic building blocks of saving throughout your life. If you’ve started an emergency savings account, you’re one step closer to financial security and independence. Now we’ll break down retirement savings benchmarks by age. Whatever your ideal retirement age is, you’ll need to achieve financial independence first. Here’s how to do it.

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