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Treasury Management

Business Credit Card

Central Bank also offers comprehensive credit cards for your daily personal and business transactions. In partnership with ©TIB – The Independent BankersBank, we make it easy to choose a credit card that can help you earn rewards while managing your day to day expenses.

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Comprehensive treasury management solutions.

Treasury Management

Central Bank has been helping Houston-area businesses grow and thrive since 1956. With our treasury and cash management services, you can streamline daily transactions and offer your customers a full menu of payment options to increase sales. As a relationship-centered bank, we customize cash management solutions to fit your present situation and needs. At Central Bank, you'll never be offered a "one-size-fits-all" solution to your banking needs. Instead, we listen and get to know our customers on an individual and ongoing basis. Contact us today or visit one of our four branches in Houston to learn more about our cash management services and how they can make life easier for your business and customers.

Treasury Management products include:

Central OnLine

By utilizing Central OnLine, you are able to improve the management of your cash while maximizing the value you receive from your available balances.

There is no better way to be in control of your finances. It's simple, secure, fast and available 24 hours a day. Managing your accounts is easy with Central OnLine – check balances, make account inquiries, transfer funds, send wire transfers, pay bills electronically, receive electronic statements and all with a simple click of the mouse.

Same Day ACH/ACH Origination

Central Bank's Internet-based ACH (Automated Clearing House) system provides a reliable, efficient and cost-effective method for processing payments electronically. ACH allows you to direct deposit payroll, pre-authorize payments, make tax payments and concentrate cash.

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Same Day ACH refers to same day processing of credit and debits through Automated Clearing House (ACH), allowing ACH transactions to be initiated, processed and cleared on a single business day.

Learn more about Same Day ACH/ACH Origination

Wire Origination

Central Bank offers a convenient and secure way to transfer domestic funds between your company's accounts or to the accounts of third parties. Wire transfers guarantee recipients that funds are credible, which can help facilitate immediate shipment of goods. Central OnLine provides you with a wire system that allows you to create and save templates for frequent domestic and international wires.

We are now offering an even more convenient way to transfer domestic funds between your company's accounts or to the accounts of third parties. Multi Wire Transfer allows you to set up multiple wires to send at one time; instead of having to send the wires one at a time.

We are also offering ABA Lookup as well as Foreign Currency Wires with exchange rate view.

Lockbox Services

Lockbox services allow accounts receivable payments to be mailed directly to a specified post office for faster collection. Central Bank couriers collect the payments from the post office and deliver them to the bank for timely processing. Deposits are prepared and processed the same day with images of checks, report listings, and invoices available online daily.

Remote Deposit Capture

Compact Scanners, the size of an average office telephone, provide the convenience of making deposits from your office – saving both time and money. Improved cash flow, quick access to deposited funds, automated deposit tickets and improved posting accuracy are just a few of the benefits.

All you need is high-speed Internet access and a basic computer with Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Internet Explorer 6 or higher, and an available USB 2.0 or Serial Port.

Learn more about Remote Deposit Capture

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Positive Pay

Positive Pay helps mitigate fraud by validating the authenticity of all checks and ACH items presented against your business checking account. For ACH, a list of approved merchants is provided by the customer. For checks, an electronic file, complete with check issue information, is uploaded. From there, we verify both the dollar amount and the check number as your checks are presented for payment. ACH and checks that fail to match your issue information are flagged as exceptions, requiring final review and approval by you. With fraudulent activity on the rise, Positive Pay helps protect your funds.

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Merchant Card Services

With a merchant account from Central Bank, you will receive a credit card processor capable of handling all of your transaction processing needs with speed, ease, and security. Central Bank offers the most comprehensive processing services on the most popular payment options available to consumers. Merchant Card Services helps you reduce risk and gain versatility in your business.

What are the Benefits of Merchant Card Services?

  • Automate and expedite disbursement of payroll and collection of payments.
  • Ensure vendor payments quickly and conveniently.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and unauthorized access with security tokens.
  • Streamline your accounts payable and receivables while improving cash flow forecasting by reducing checks.
  • Save time and money by eliminating paper checks and postage.

Learn more about Merchant Card Services

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Treasury Management gives you the ability to manage your commercial accounts with a sense of security, ease, and flexibility.