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Bill Pay

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Electronic Bill Payment Makes Life Easier.

Central Bank’s electronic bill payment services bring added convenience in today’s busy world. With options for both consumers and business owners, it’s never been easier to cut down on clutter, get better organized and stay on top of those important payments. Read on to learn more about Central Bank electronic bill payment.

Consumer Bill Pay

Between busy work schedules, family time and other errands that take up your day, you have enough on your plate. Here are just a few of the benefits Central Bank Consumer Bill Pay has to offer:
  • Receive and pay bills in one convenient place — all from your computer.
  • Eliminate the risk of late fees and missed bills with scheduled payments.
  • Save money on stamps and post office trips.
  • Enjoy added security against check fraud with electronic payments.
  • Track your payments history, view scheduled transactions and receive confirmation when payments go through.
Take a Closer Look at Our Consumer Bill Pay Features

Person-to-Person Payments

This is a simple way to send payments to babysitters, landlords, relatives and others. Electronic payments are faster, more convenient and more secure than checks! Of course, if your recipient prefers a paper check, we can help with that, too. Options include:
  • Provide the Recipient’s Email Address and a Secure Password of Your Choosing
    When your recipient logs in to our secure site and provides required account information, a payment is deposited electronically, from your account to theirs.
  • Provide the Recipient’s Bank Account Routing Number and Deposit Account Information
    An electronic payment is sent directly to their account.
  • Provide the Recipient’s Mailing Address
    We’ll send a paper check to preferred address.

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Central Bank Pro Tip

To add your payee, simply note that you wish to add an individual, rather than a company or business.


Money Transfer

Safely and securely transfer your funds from one account to another — at any time, anywhere you have an internet connection. You have the option to set up one-time or recurring transfers, and the ability to transfer money to accounts outside of Central Bank, too! In other words, no more expensive wire transfers, or the hassle of written checks.


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Central Bank Pro Tip

To transfer, select “Add Account” in the “Transfers” tab. Once setup is complete, you can transfer funds to and from the account in mere seconds.



Graduation? Wedding gift? Charitable donation? Central Bank GiftPay can make any celebration merrier. After all, checks have a tendency to get lost, stamps and greeting cards cost money — and trips to the Post Office eat into busy schedules. Here’s how Central Bank GiftPay works:

To Send a Gift Check:
Choose a check design for the occasion and add a personalized message to the recipient.

To Send a Donation Check:
You can send a check in memory or appreciation of someone you wish to honor. This option includes a personalized email message to notify others of your donation.

In both cases, Central Bank sends the check directly to the recipient. Funds are withdrawn when the check is cashed.


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Central Bank Pro Tip

Just add the name and address of your check recipient or charity. For donations, you enter the charity of choice — or simply select from our broad list of popular charities.


Check Imaging

Keep an eye on your checking account activity directly from your electronic bill payment account. This handy feature displays scans of your cleared checks, ensuring accurate, secure transactions — and offering you peace of mind.


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Central Bank Pro Tip:

From your payment history, select “View” to see payment details. From there, simply click “View Cleared Check.” An image of the cleared check, front and back, will appear.


Want to Learn More?

Our Consumer Bill Pay overview video offers a helpful glimpse at all these great services.

Watch Video

Business Bill Pay

At Central Bank, we know business owners live busy lives. We are glad to make electronic bill payment available to our business banking customers, too! Business Bill Pay streamlines your back-office practices, allowing you to make payments virtual payments to individuals and companies, directly through your online bank account. Here are a few of Business Bill Pay features:

  • Delegate payment responsibilities, specify who and which payments to make — and set up final approvals.
  • Set permission controls so you maintain the final say.
  • Pay multiple business' bills — and view payment activity.
  • Run customized reports with information your business needs, and track company spending.
  • Move money at any time, anywhere, with account-to-account transfers.

Our Business Bill Pay overview video is a wealth of helpful information.

Watch Video



Central Bank Now Offers Bill Pay Direct

With so many bills — none of which are due at the same time — it can be difficult to keep track of what's due when. Central Bank Bill Pay Direct brings many of the accounts you pay together in one convenient place, so you can view them in real time.

Bill Pay Direct is a debit card-based bill pay service for consumers. You can find this new feature within your online and mobile banking menu, under the Transactions tab. Bill Pay Direct does not replace our Bill Pay service, but is an additional option aimed at helping users view and manage payments made using a Central Bank debit card. Benefits include:

  • Instantly pay bills with your debit card, even up to your due date — no need to wait two to three days for your payments to process, or five plus days for checks to be delivered
  • Easily keep up with bill balances and payments with quick access to bill details including Amount Due and Due Date
  • Thousands of eligible billers and growing
  • Text or Email notifications for upcoming bills
  • Consolidated view to see payments made, as well as upcoming payments connected to your Central Bank debit card



To Access Central Bank Bill Pay Direct:

  • Log in to Online or Mobile Banking and select the Transactions tab
  • Select Bill Pay Direct
  • Select the company you wish to connect to your debit card
  • Enter the requested information to verify your account
  • Click “Set Up Payments” to connect your debit card



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